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Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the modern-day technologies that have changed the perspective of the whole world towards technology. AR/VR are sensational topics of every mouth. Being sensational AR/VR is the reason behind an upward growth in technology nowadays. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality has influenced small-scale and large-scale business in almost every sector. Being dynamic in nature, it has various benefits that hold the potential to take any business to the next level. Whether it be Education, Sports, Healthcare, Science, Gaming, and many more, AR/VR has made its place by contributing to its development. In recent years the growth of Augmented Reality has attracted many investors to contribute to the enhancement of this technology. Virtual Reality, on the other hand, had attracted many sectors to adapt to this ever-evolving technology as it blurs the line between real and virtual environment due to which sectors like ‘Healthcare’, ‘Gaming’, and ‘E-commerce’, have witnessed major growth in the economy after adapting to the virtual reality in their systems and day-to-day operations.

MAAC Vasai, one of the premium institutes for the multimedia & design industry is now offering an interactive full-fledged course on revolutionary AR/VR where enrolled students will be introduced to each and every aspect to understand and master this technology. This course will provide you with a new perspective on how you look toward technology. AR/VR being a complex technology to master so MAAC Vasai have two main courses to provide i.e, ‘Advance Program in Interactive Design & Games (ADIDG)’ and ‘Virtual & Augmented Reality (VAR) Plus’. Where students will learn all the intricacies of modern-age technology. Through this course, students will be able to give life to their imaginations and create new worlds for people to explore and experience which will captivate them more towards it.

1. What is Augmented Reality(AR)?

Augmented Reality(AR) is a more advanced version of the real physical world or environment that is amplified with the help of digital visual elements, sound, and various other sensory stimuli delivered in the form of immersive technology that provides an immersive experience to its users.
Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual Reality(VR) are transforming into huge areas of technology, with tech giants like Apple, Microsoft, and Google along with the gaming industry competing to provide the next big AR or VR experience to captivate its users towards them. Since its genesis, many gaming and technology-driven firms had to struggle their way up to see Augmented Reality(AR) as more than just technology, as it can be a great medium for novelty and complex marketing for different businesses irrespective of small as well as large scale business. There is an upward shift in companies that are majorly involved in mobile computing and business applications specific along with the immersive gaming industry. Augmented Reality(AR) is considered to be dynamic in its form as businesses and different industries are using this technology in various forms like catalog, apps, and various retail stores let consumers visualize how different products would look in different environments like ‘Lenskart’ which allows consumers to try on their frames and glasses through their front camera of mobile phones. For furniture, customers point their camera at the appropriate room and the product appears in the foreground like ‘IKEA’.But this is not it, Augmented Reality is much wider than our expectations as it is also spread to healthcare sectors where it is multiplying the productivity of professionals in this sector and contributing to customers' experience, This can be possible through varied apps that allow users to see highly detailed, 3D enhanced images of complex body systems when they linger their mobile device over a targeted image. In a very lamen term, Augmented Reality utilizes existing real-world environments which is overlaid by virtual information and substances so as to enhance the user- experience Curious? Now you can master this technology and serve your expertise in different industries that adhere to Augmented Reality(AR) to survive in these competitive markets. Through MAAC Vasai, you can also learn one of the best AR/VR courses and become a kind of professional in demand.

2. What is Virtual Reality(VR)?

In the contrast, Virtual Reality(VR) is totally different from Augmented Reality(AR) but supports a common interest to captivate consumers and enhance their user experience. Virtual Reality(VR) is a technology that is revolutionary in every possible way. It saturates users to enter into a completely different environment other than the real physical world which is virtual in its form and turns to be novel and authentic in nature. Virtual reality(VR) is usually computer-generated and rendered by computers with the help of varied software available in the markets. Virtual Reality(VR) is a captivating technology that is constantly rising day by day and lending its unique features to different industries in their development. Virtual Reality(VR) has seen major growth in ‘Gaming Industry’ where different gaming platforms like ‘Unity’ and ‘Unreal Engine’ are now using VR technologies to create an immersive user experience in creating world-class games with stunning visuals and graphics. MAAC Vasai have a unique course to learn the techniques Virtual Reality(VR) as students through this course will be introduced to every nook and cranny of this technology and think from a different perspective. MAAC Vasai one of the best institutes in the Vasai region is offering you the platform to master this technology and upgrade your skill. And how you can do it? The answer to this question is through opting for our sensational course on AR&VR named ‘VAR PLUS’, this is how you can become an industry-ready VR specialist.

3. What is Extended Reality(XR)?

Extended Reality(XR) is an umbrella term for condensing Augmented Reality(AR), Virtual Reality(VR), and Mixed Reality(MR). It also supports the common interest of improving user experience but the only thing that makes Extended Reality(XR) a true standalone in markets is it is fulfilled by combining AR, VR, and MR to be precise. Although AR and VR offer a far-reaching range of comprehensive human experiences, the same underlying technologies are supported by XR but in a more advanced way.Imagine what if a smartphone, mobile VR headset, and AR glasses into a single XR wearable, Curious right? If this thought ever spiked your mind then this is what Extended Reality(XR) is all about in general. A convergence of AR, VR, and MR in one place for creating one immersive technology is what we called as Extended Reality(XR). Now you can be an extended reality specialist by mastering Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR) through MAAC Vasai's uniquely crafted courses on AR/VR.

4. Difference Between Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR)

One question always comes to mind when two concepts with the same purpose are introduced then how one concept can be different from the other or what makes them unique? So to support the question and motive to clear the clutter in mind regarding AR and VR, Augmented Reality(AR) is way much different than Virtual Reality(VR). Augmented Reality(AR) is enhancing a real-world environment with specialized information so to amplify user experience, whereas Virtual Reality(VR) is the virtual creation of a real-world environment which are created with help of computer systems and rendered with the help of complex software. But most of the time, these technologies are often misunderstood on the basis of having similar names. Augmented Reality(AR) enhances the real-world environment by overlaying specialized information on it, on the other side Virtual Reality(VR) is the computer-rendered imagery and environment which helps users to take a break from the real world and enter the same world but in virtual form.

Both of the technologies hold their own unique position in markets like the Gaming industry is more driven strategically by adapting Virtual Reality(VR) whereas sectors that are more driven by data structures, healthcare, and technology have adapted an Augmented Reality(AR). So both of the technology is distinctive from one another as both AR/VR are equally adapted by huge tech giants like ‘Google’, ‘Apple’, ‘Microsoft’, and many more. The best example to comprehend complex AR technology is through the reference of ‘Amazon Salon’ as an e-commerce giant that has adopted an AR technology for hair coloring at Amazon Salon like consumers can actually try the different hair colors on their hair by seeing in an iPad attached to mirrors and test their look before trying it actually and regretting after if not satisfied by the look. On the other hand, one can understand Virtual Reality(VR) through the reference of the best hotel service in around the globe, ‘Event planning: Marriott International’ so the Marriot International is using Virtual Reality(VR) technology where event organizers and customers can get a realistic vision of how their event could look with a VR powered headsets. So both of the technologies have their own sets of unique features and they both have their unique style of contributing to the development of industries.

5. Examples of AR/VR?

The best example to comprehend complex AR technology is through,

‘Amazon Salon’

as an e-commerce giant has adopted an AR technology for hair coloring at Amazon Salon like consumers can actually try the different hair colors on their hair by seeing in an iPad attached to mirrors and test their look before trying it actually and regretting it after if not satisfied by the look.

‘Walmart Inventory’

is the best example for understanding AR technology as ‘Walmart’ has adapted the AR technology for testing their ‘Inventories’. Walmart uses AR in the form of an app that is designed to speed up the time it takes to transport items from the backroom to the sales floor. The app uses augmented reality to do so, allowing employees to hold up a handheld device (which will then highlight the boxes ready to go), rather than scanning each individual box.

The best example to comprehend complex VR technology is through,

‘Marriott International’

the best hotel service around the globe is using Virtual Reality(VR) technology for their event management, where organizers and customers can get a realistic vision of how their event could look with a VR-powered headset.

‘Automation by Vroom’

Vroom is an automobile company. Vroom makes a car buying experience as realistic as visiting a dealer in a physical store. They use a Virtual Reality(VR) technology as customers need to wear a VR Google Cardboard headsets to browse from 15 different car models. In this way, customers get captivated by Vroom’s VR technology adaptations.

6. Why MAAC Vasai for AR/VR?

Why MAAC Vasai should be your option to jumpstart your career in Augmented Reality(AR) & Virtual Reality(VR) and be an industry-ready professional to enjoy a rewarding career out of it?


MAAC Vasai are premium institutes for building a career in the ‘Multimedia & Design industry so providing premium service to our students and assisting them in their career-building is our primary nature. MAAC Vasai can be your best options for kick-starting your career in AR&VR because we have decoded the complex structures of AR & VR in two major courses which can fulfill you with updated knowledge about modern-day technologies and they are ‘Advance Program in Interactive Design & Games (ADIDG)’ and ‘Virtual & Augmented Reality (VAR) Plus’ so what are you waiting for? Also through these courses, one can upgrade their skills and can have a new perspective on technology through AR/VR.


MAAC Vasai have a unique team of professionals with at least 15 years of experience working in the Industry. We have professional tutors for Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR) courses which makes learning easy to comprehend and approachable in nature for the students. AR/VR courses are uniquely designed by our professionals and their years of experience. MAAC Vasai have adopted the inverted approach of teaching where the most important information and knowledge are transmitted to students in the first place giving students the luxury of comprehensive learning and ready themselves for future competitions and facing it without dodging any situation. Our faculties will make you ready to use your creativity and create an intriguing games and content by teaching you extensive software used for learning dynamics included in this field as these technologies are in high demand and content driven by AR/VR amplifies the user engagement today. So do you want to ace your AR/VR skills?

About software

MAAC Vasai is the far-reached institute for Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR) in Vasai. The reason for being on the top is that MAAC Vasai are devoted to providing top-notch quality learning to their students which allows them to think innovatively as well as practically to boost their productivity and intellectual skills.MAAC Vasai provide fully-licensed software, adapted with advanced technology, for effective learning and enhancing their creativity. AR/VR courses need software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effect, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Audition, 3Ds Max, Autodesk, Mudbox, Unity, Vuforia SDK, and many more advanced software.

Career Guidance

MAAC Vasai institutes that meet the needs of their students and assist them in the post-learning process where they will be guided on how they can start their careers in Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR) industry. Being one of the best institutes for AR/VR in the Vasai region, students here will enjoy different career opprotunities in AR/VR field like, ‘Interactive Product Demo Artist’, ‘Virtual Production Developer’, ‘3D VR Background Artist’, ‘3D VR Developer’, ‘AR Unity Developer’, and many more options are available for the students. MAAC Vasai have built a very interactive course on AR/VR where the complexities of this technology are broken down into smaller sections starting from the prime step of ‘Digital Design’ which is followed by ‘3D Design & Modelling’, ‘Character Setup & Skinning’ to its utilization in ‘Mobile Game Creation’, and ‘App Development for AR/VR’. So through this, AR/VR course one will get to experience the actual process of building AR/VR dynamics and bringing the most out of these technologies by diving into the pool of AR/VR. Our faculties will look into each and every student’s progress and status and provide valuable insights to keep students engaged throughout the course. So, don’t overthink and activate your AR/VR career now.

7. How will students be benefited?

Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR) are the modern forms of technology that has innumerable benefits to offer,

Immersive Experience:

Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR) are dynamic technologies. Students in AR/VR will get benefits as they will get to experience this technology from a base level as they will surrender themselves to this course which will enhance their productivity to improve the user experience in the form of games and entertainment.

Technical Expertise:

AR/VR is the technology related to improving the user experience and user experience comes under the technical section so, this course will make students experts in technical ways. This course will help students become technical experts so as to solve technical issues without relying on others.

Execution Skills:

Technology is like an idea so for an effective idea there must be an effective execution, so for having a responsive career in AR/VR industry a student will be assisted to build excellent execution skills to operate and outperform different ideas in the form of Augmented and Virtual Reality.


As technology is like an idea, so for a unique idea one must be able to visualize that idea in a mind, in order for executing it in the best possible manner. Students at 'MAAC Vasai' will be trained in such a way that before getting into the actual execution of AR and VR ideas they will be first able to visualize the execution roadmap in mind which will eventually amplify their creativity.

Content Creation:

Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR) are immersive technologies that have contributed to the development of many industries, sectors, and businesses. Everyone nowadays trying to utilize the AR/VR technologies in their daily tasks and operations because it is proven that content generated in the form of AR and VR attracts more eyeballs, so students will be taught the skill of creating content in the form of AR and VR which will eventually amplify the user-experience.
So, are you interested in building your career in AR/VR?