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Importance Of 3D Animation

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3D Animation has become a significant word for every kind of business in every section: Media Sector(Advertising & Journalism), Medical Sector, Show Business (Films, TV shows, OTT platforms, etc), Gaming Industry, and many more sectors. This clearly states that 3D Animation is a key to numerous opportunities to build a career as well as upgrade the business with 3D Animation. But the question arises 'why' 3D Animation is so important? It is very natural to be unsure about things you consider for a career or business. And if you are looking for the importance of 3D Animation to clear yours doubts related to it then we MAAC are the solution to your ragging doubts in your mind.

3D Animation helps in

AD3D EDGE Plus, a 3D animation course, covers the complete process of animation filmmaking, from pre-production and production to post-production. By including latest software in the curriculum, MAAC gives you the opportunity to understand new-age production workflow and widen your scope of learning.
AD3D EDGE Plus is an ideal starting point for aspiring animators like you, who are looking for a break in the field. You will be provided hands-on training software including Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Mudbox, Blackmagic Fusion and Autodesk MotionBuilder. You will also acquire the necessary skills like storyboarding, cinematography, video editing, look development and digital sculpting, required to be a successful 3D animator.
This course creates job-ready professionals who are recruited & hired by animation studios, graphic film production houses & gaming studios. You can choose from three specialisation options at the end of the course – modelling & texturing, lighting & shading, and animation.

Have you ever wondered how animated films are made? From Coco to Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, every movie has various elements including characters, lighting, audio, backgrounds and so on. Studios like Disney and Pixar have 500 or more creative people working on a feature length
It is a mix of imagination, creativity & technology. With MAAC's 3D Animation Film making course, a career course in 3D animation filmmaking, you will learn all the creative aspects of animation like pre-production, storyboarding, filmmaking and character animation. 3D animation course prepares you to enter the professional world of 3D animation by providing you with extensive classroom and practical training, latest software and portfolio development.

Learn all about animation and the process of live action filmmaking in just a year and be rewarded with a successful career. MAAC's DAFM course focuses on storyboarding, cinematography, character design, modeling, texturing, lighting, 3D animation and more.

Our certified trainers, along with our industry-relevant teaching methods, dynamic curriculum and studio-like atmosphere, provides you a stimulating environment. We foster your imagination and give you the skills needed to achieve a well-paying, successful career in this exciting world of animation.

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Our Star Alumni "Shubham Surve" who is now working with "88 Pictures" as a "3D Modeler".



Our Star Alumni "Karan Toraskar" who is now working with "Jerai Fitness" as a "3D Modeler".



Our Star Alumni "Vishwas Chaurasia" who is now working with "Yash Raj Studios" as a "3D Animator".

What Our Students Say?

"Learning in MAAC Vasai has been the best decision for my career enhancement. The infrastructure is fully updated and student friendly staff. Apart from learning we have various outdoor and indoor activities conducted which helps us to be career ready. MAAC Vasai is the best animation and VFX institute in Vasai-Virar."

Kiran Khadtare

Animation Student At Vasai

"I am a student of the Advanced International course which is available only at MAAC Vasai. I must say this is the best decision I have taken for my career. The environment provided by the Staff and Teachers is very student friendly. Also due to the limited intake per batch we get individual and personal attention which helps us to learn in depth and directly from the Industrial experts. I recommend MAAC Vasai to all those who want to make a career in creative field."

Dhiraj Pathade

Animation/VFX Student At Vasai

"I am studying here since a year , my experience learning VFX is been wonderful . All the facilities are very good and we get industrial experts to teach us ,this in turn helps us to know current working trends in industry and keeps us prepared . No 1 institute in Vasai."

Hrishikesh Hindalkar

Animation/VFX Student At Vasai
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