"MAAC Creative League"

Our Initiative

  • MCL is a creative event.It is primarily organized by MAAC for their students in order to test their knowledge and learning, but in the form of competition.
  • MCL is an event full of creativity, logic building and thinking strategically. This event consists varied categories like 30seconds Movie, Digital Painting, Matte Painting, Sketching, and every other outward art from students which holds potential to get showcased in the competition.
  • During MCL, students are honoured with certificates, medals and trophies, which can upgrade their portfolio and also encourages them to work more creatively which eventually helps them to create a position in a competitive industry.
  • 'MCL 5', In which MAAC VASAI made its position by winning a broadest and most grotesque quiz competition which was completely dedicated to understand the nuances of the industry and its morals and ethics.


'MCL-MAAC CREATIVE LEAGUE', is an eye-opening event designed exclusively for the students of MAAC where they will understand their potential and face against their inhibitions and bring out the most out of their creativity which amplifies their productivity and polish their skills which is needed to be a kind of a professional in demand by the competitive industries.