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As every brand or organization is shifting to a digital space, brand building techniques are advancing day by day at much faster pace. So according to you, How graphic designing will change the future?. So honestly speaking, after the pandemic, graphic design industry has experienced alot of changes and variations in reality. So, what do you think about the future of graphic design? To learn more about it keep reading till the end & explore more about this course. If we truely think about the future of the graphic design then we can associate it with the ever-evolving AR and VR technologies. Because when it comes to graphic design, AR/VR has played a vital role in taking the graphic design game to the next level. Because graphic designers are now creating a dynamic environment in order to experience the AR/VR technologies. So, to clear the confusion in your mind regarding building a career in graphic designing the answer is ‘Graphic Designing’ holds a very bright future and one can without any doubt build their career as a graphic designer. And if you also want to build your long-lasting career in graphic designing then MAAC is offering you one of the best graphic designing course in vasai-virar region.

APDMD is a career course at MAAC that helps you become a job-ready professional who can give a rich experience to web users. It is one of those career courses, where you will be introduced to the latest trends in the web and publishing industry like digital publication, augmented reality, mobile apps and interactive web content. This is a holistic course that provides students with a training in print, web, 2D animation and responsive web design. The latest industry trends such as digital production, augmented reality, and more enable them to create innovative pieces of digital communication.

Program in Print Web and 3D Animation makes you an expert in building state-of-the-art print, web, and 3D animation content for different platforms and audiences. If you dream to work as a 3D Animator or a Communication Designer in a reputed company, then join Program in Print, Web and 3D Animation at MAAC now. The career course teaches you the fundamentals of drawing, concepts of design and illustration, concepts of web designing, and a lot more.

DGWA course allows you to ace communication mediums such as publications, websites, user interfaces, billboards etc. Take up the course and on completion, find the best job opportunities in web, graphics and animation industry and unleash your talent through this dynamic platform. From browsing websites on your tablet and smartphone to buying gadgets in cool packages, we want designs that are attractive and can fit all our requirements. This requires the work and talent of a graphic designer. DGWA is a career course that teaches you the concepts and fundamentals of design along with other areas like image editing and page layout. You get to learn lots of design elements and gain the expertise of designing tiny things like chocolate wrapper to big projects like billboards and websites.


Is The Overall Requirement Of The Graphic Designer In Every Industry


Is The Market Demand For Adobe Softwares


Is The Average Salary Of The Graphic Designer In India


Is The Highest Student Course Start To Job Success Rate

6 Jobs

Opportunities For Each Student After Course Completion

$43.4 billion

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Our Star Alumni "Rachna Trivedi" who is now working with "Fractal Pictures" as a "Graphic Designer".



Our Star Alumni "Harshal Dhuri" who is now working with "Reachlocal" as a "Graphic Designer".



Our Star Alumni "Liladhar Rupchand" who is now working with "Cimpress India" as a "Graphic Designer".

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"I'm currently a student at Maac Vasai, and it's been a wonderful experience. Every student receives individualized attention and guidance from Maac Vasai, and the curriculum is excellent. Additionally, Maac Vasai never compromises on the quality of its facilities or faculty."

Archana Ajaykumar

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"I am a student of Maac Vasai Virar. The faculties are really awesome and cheerful. If I have any doubts or queries, they are resolved within a moment. The environment at Maac Vasai Virar is friendly and cheerful. We enjoy, have fun, and study. Every month we have events and lots of fun."

Atharva Bhagat

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"If you want to learn Animation or VFX, then MAAC is the right place. Quality teaching, awesome faculty, and the best activities. No. 1 Center. MAAC VASAI Rocks."

Sanket Jadhav

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