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The 3D Animation

1. What is 3D Animation?

Have you ever wondered about being a "Po" from Kung Fu, where you can have excellent compact skills through which you can defeat all the enemies at the same time you had marvellous convincing power to convience almost everyone. If yes then you are at the right place, If you have the spice of creativity in you and are willing to bring your imaginations to the reality the 3D Animation course by MAAC Vasai is an answer to your curiosity. But let's understand what is 3D Animation in detail. 3D Animation is nothing but a 'Three Dimensional Animation' to be precise. Animation is nothing but the method of giving movements to inanimate things like pictures, character model in films, TV shows, games and many more. So, 3D Animation is nothing but a graphic techniques used to give motions to computer generated objects with in Three Dimensional Space. So, if you see any animated movie it is to be most popular "The Incridibles" or the recent famous movie "The Turning Red" or any movie with stunning visuals that makes you think twice about it, then understand that all are the results of world class 3D Animation Techniques.

2. What is the importance of 3D Animation?

3D Animation has become a significant word for every kind of business in every section: Media Sector(Advertising & Journalism), Medical Sector, Show Business (Films, TV shows, OTT platforms, etc), Gaming Industry, and many more sectors. This clearly states that 3D Animation is a key to numerous opportunities to build a career as well as upgrade the business with 3D Animation. But the question arises 'why' 3D Animation is so important? It is very natural to be unsure about things you consider for a career or business. And if you are looking for the importance of 3D Animation to clear yours doubts related to it then we MAAC Vasai are the solution to your ragging doubts in your mind.

3D Animation helps in,

  1. Building smooth communication flow with the customers and ensuring high-rate of conversions in business.
  2. Improving one’s brand recall and supporting brand recognition as well.
  3. Creates an urge in the minds of customers for ‘boring’ or ‘new’ products in the market.
  4. Products and Services shine to the next level with the assistance of 3D Animation.
  5. 3D Animation gives the business its direction to reach potential customers in the markets as it boosts conversions.
So, If your doubts are cleared and you are looking to take one step forward to be a 3D Animator then MAAC VasaI can be a great help to you in your learning process.

 'Turning Red' 3D Animated Movie
 'Kung Fu Panda' 3D Animated Movie
3. Why MAAC Vasai for 3D Animation?

There are numerous institutes for 3D Animation courses in Mumbai which claims to help you and build your career in the 3D Animation feild, then why you should choose MAAC Vasai as the only destination to build your career in 3D Animation career? We MAAC Vasai serves you 3D Animation courses


A 3D Animation career is a highly demanding career option nowadays. The main factor that proves the fact is its ever-increasing growth in animation content on OTT(Other-Than-Television) platforms, Blockchain, and the rising need for animation services in entertainment sectors like Films, Short-Films, TV, Gaming along with Non-entertainment sectors like Finance, Medical, Healthcare areas, etc. We at MAAC Vasai provides you with an excellent curriculum, top-notch infrastructure to boost your creativity, and a healthy environment that will act as a catalyst to your imagination process so that you can bring your imaginations and curiosity to life.


We MAAC VasaI make sure to conduct a ‘Faculty Training Programme’ to offer a high standard of teaching in the classroom and make it the place of an immense source of learning and creativity for the students. We have a curriculum handcrafted by our talented Faculties. Our Faculties are industry professionals who served their expertise in media houses, Tv channels, Film Production Houses, etc. So, we at MAAC VasaI ensure personal attention to our students to hone their skills in their respective fields.

About Softwares

Quality Teaching leads to Quality Service in the Industry and Quality Teaching needs the Best Resources. We at MAAC Vasai use all the latest software for 3D Animation courses which are fully licensed and ensure a hassle-free and uninterrupted learning experience.MAAC Vasai has a plethora of top-notched software for 3D Animation Courses. Each software is fully licensed and secured to handle. We use software like Maya, Max, Blender, 3Ds Max, Autodesk, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, and many more. We at MAAC Vasai work with one purpose, ‘To Maximize Productivity and create world-class Animators.

Career Guidance

A good Career is not about big companies and high payouts, instead, it is the representation of good learning and the ability to serve your expertise, to create a difference in professional life. That’s what MAAC Vasai is all about. Here students are not only made industry-ready but also taught to grab opportunities and work endlessly. Here, students are moulded based on essential hard skills as well as soft skills. Here, students are also introduced to endless career opportunities in 3D Animation. A proper career guidance session is conducted by our faculties for their students to help them decide which field is best for them to excel. Frequent seminars are conducted for the students. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call for a free career guide for the 3D Animation course in MAAC Vasai.

4. How will students be benefited?

At MAAC Vasai, students will be benefited in numerous ways.

Unique Teaching Style
Faculties have their unique style of teaching. Where they make sure detailed learning experiences and interactive sessions for their students. They also make sure to pay personal attention to every student.
Uniquely Crafted Curriculum
Students will enjoy a unique curriculum for the 3D Animation course which is made by our professional faculties to add value to the learning experience of students.
Excellent Infrastructure
We MAAC Vasai believe in the best quality resources. We have excellent infrastructure for our students to boost their productivity and a calm environment to multiply their creativity for turning their imaginations into reality.
Numerous Events and Contests
MAAC Vasai constantly comes up with numerous events and contests to keep their students on edge of their seats and test their abilities in their respective fields.
Top Recruiters
Students here will be highly benefited from recruitment from top companies which will help them to build a fancy portfolio for future opportunities.

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