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"24FPS-An Inernational Animation Awards"

Our Initiative

  • MAAC VASAI participated in MAAC's All India Event called '24FPS' which includes all categories from 'Multimedia & Design' where students can participate among those categories and test their knowlegde and skills by creating the best artwork.
  • 24FPS is not just an event but platform where students participate to understand their potential an dkeep an eye on the nuances of the event.
  • 24FPS is a dynamic event where students take each and very detail into consideration to create winning animations and designs.
  • 24FPS is a prestigious award function where students worked in being showcased in front of the authorities and winners are awarded by 'International Animation Awards' where they also get mass recognition being a fresher which increase their confidence in their skills and knowledge and help them to become industry-ready. MAAC VASAI made its place by winning Sliver and Bronze in 'Vector Designing' and '3D Character Animation' respectively.


24FPS is an All India Event primarily organized by MAAC. It is an event as well as a prestigious award ceremony where students work is showcased and it attracts the jury from the industry and recognition for their artwork. Every year MAAC organizes this event to bring out the best talents and make them ready to serve the huge Multimedia Design Industry and build a remarkable career out of it.