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Our Initiative

  • MAAC Vasai took part in MAAC's All India Event named '100 HOURS-RACE AGAINST TIME' which is a filmmaking competition of creating a 25-30 seconds short 3D Animated film.
  • Two teams participated in this fast-paced event from our MAAC Vasai where they created a 30sec. 3D Animated film on 'Road Safety' awaring people about the importance of road safety and implications in real life.
  • Being an innovation theme, participants at MAAC Vasai, therefore understood the nuances of this theme and took each and every detail into consideration so as to enhance their skills in creating an Animated film without patronizing the theme.
  • 100 Hours was collaborated with 'BMC(Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation)' in which our 'Team Kallakaar' made its place by winning for creating a unique and innovative poster for a film.


'100 HOURS-RACE AGAINST TIME'is a fast-paced creative marathon organized by MAAC, where participants have to make a 25-30secs. short 3D Animated film on a particular theme within a time span of 100 hours(4.2 days).
Students are made to form their team and co-ordinate with each other and compete against other teams at inter-centre and zonal level. During this event, students are under expert survilleance where they get to work on a 'production-pipeline' and understand its nuances from start to end.
By participating in 100 hours event, students are exposed to experience one-of-a kind lifetime experience working towards an output of a creation.